Pork Provocateur Jason Neroni Strikes again!

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Chef Jason Neroni, friend and fellow wild man .. is a savory chef of unique and individual culinary talents. Jason has an easygoing laid back attitude along with a rather dramatic outgoing personality, the contrast of which is also strongly reflective on his creative and delicious plates.

He organically brings this cool cinematic vibe of producing emotionally affecting film titles which pull at your childhood memories for his unique savory plates … Neroni’s food is always beautiful, succulent, creative and highly emotional! – Jeff Scott

It’s an adventure to stand next to Jason as he’s building up, creating his plates freestyle and plating up his special nose to tail suckling pig tasting menu  … it’s more evidence of the visceral concept of really great chefs as emotional, evocative and skilled fine artists.

It’s great to take another pig and rip it’s leg off and turn it into a terrine and make sausage out of the head and grill the ribs and make bacon out of the belly and roast the shoulder …  - Jason Neroni

It’s an adrenaline rush standing next to him, my camera documenting his every creative action, it’s like a film within a film … he’s using beautiful product, aroma, hues of color, flavor, technique, fire and textures as his brushstrokes. Jason is laying down wild savory, moving and intellectual artistry on his plate for us to get fully drawn into. We’re dealing with the senses at an extreme level, as Neroni places memories into our souls.

There’s a revolving pallet of color, shape, texture and emotional taste that all comes together with Jason’s dishes … when these complex yet highly warming bites go into your mouth the art immediately comes alive and starts to take hold of you … whether it’s Neroni’s killer roasted brussels sprouts w quail egg, suckling pig confit or ocean trout tartar … we’re being taken on an emotionally rich culinary journey through the history of food and right up to the very edge of modern cooking.

I love brussel sprouts, right. When I cook brussel sprouts, I mean most people either boil them and then they slice them and then they sear them. I take brussel sprouts, I cut them in half, I start them from raw and I let the oil … I let them cook on themselves, like steam inside the brussel sprouts. And they smell like popcorn when they come up. – Jason Neroni

Jason’s Foie w black truffles … the harmony of colors coming straight from Chino Farms and hand brought that morning into his kitchen, this dish is coming from a deep resevoir of truly wild creativity and ongoing passion that’s inside every part of him.

To my eye and evolving sense of taste, Jason is reaching into the history of food, using modern techniques and all obtainable flavor profiles that will take this one moment and then hold us inside of it … moving us to yet another emotional place. – Jeff Scott

written and photographed from the field by Jeff Scott

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