Sean Brock; Private notes from the kitchen

pappy van winkle

You know, Southerners have to drink Bourbon. There’s like a law. – Sean Brock

Well you know, I am taking the responsibility upon myself to be the spokesperson for southern food. – Sean Brock

The farm provides us with inspiration and beautiful products. Every farm does, not just ours. Every farm does. – Sean Brock

Every purveyor, every producer, everyone that puts food into this kitchen, they’re my friends, they’re people I know. I don’t buy stuff from anybody unless they’re friends. – Sean Brock

At it’s core, if you get away from the science aspect, and you get to the person’s experience of eating something that’s been cooked using cutting edge techniques, what does it do to the flavor? – Sean Brock

I think that’s just why I was brought into this world. We have so much beautiful, wonderful, incredible traditions that aren’t being properly respected and recognized – Sean Brock

We only can purchase food from the south. That takes a maniac to come up with something like that. Because that is so much work it’s ridiculous. I mean, the menu is going to have to change twice a day. – Sean Brock

What does it do to the person that’s putting that food in their mouth that makes it so special? – Sean Brock

written and photographed by Jeff Scott

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6 Responses to Sean Brock; Private notes from the kitchen

  1. Chef Sean Brock is probably one of 10 most influencial chefs in North America right now. Next to Thomas Keller, Dan Barber, Grant Achatz, and etc.

    He is one of the most inspiring person/chef I have met in my life as well. Bravo, this is awesome blog post.

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  3. jimihatt says:


    sean is a good man…

  4. Daryl Lujan says:

    A good cook is the peculiar gift of the gods.
    He must be a perfect creature from the brain to the palate,from the palate to the finger’s end.
    -Walter Savage Landor

    Thank you Sean Brock

  5. Donna Solimene says:

    Sean wakes up the palate. He is so creative and passionate with his southern roots, it is such a pleasure to listen to him talk about his food…. he gets so excited!

    He is one of the top chefs in the country!

    He is making Pappy proud!

    And yes to use just southern products in your food……that person must be nuts! Not easy to find! But love the fact you are trying!!!!

  6. Kyle Wilkerson says:

    Sean Brock continues to wow and amaze me every time I see him, hear about him or read about him. He has influenced so many people that I interact with daily. Chef Sean Brock is without a doubt the top chef in the country right now. Hats off to you chef!!! Peace, food and Pappy Van Winkle…..Cheers!!!

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