The Exquisite Emma Hearst in her delicious kitchen


To know Emma is to be met with an immediate sense of serious fun and adventure, along with a healthy dose of playfulness that just immediately endears you to her.  She has my favorite of personal qualities …. she’s always game for some serious fun!

She’s young … and you can so easily become distracted by her charm and beauty,  but you only have to taste her amazing food … just bite into her beautiful pastas once to know that this girl is entirely serious about her incredible cooking!

I think the most important ingredient that we offer here is love. It should be like a little baby made it that you were guiding in grandma’s house, but grandma like really knew how to plate! – Emma Hearst

I wanted to feature a cool female chef to balance out some of the wild testosterone in this book, and was looking for a really warm chef who’s food took you back to your childhood … so i asked my friends who they thought was great … and everyone was talking about Emma!

I sent her a personal note describing the vibe i was looking to create with her … ten minutes later we’re on the phone and setting into motion all this playful wildness.  It’s hard to describe how much fun Emma really is, how much she enjoys cooking for her friends, and the level of amazing flavors and love in her dishes.

It’s a scorching hot summer in nyc as i walk into Sorella and instantly it’s just like … whatever you want to do!

what i wanted was to get inside her delicious kitchen, to taste her food, to document her talents and her genuine desire to make everyone feel like they are eating at home…. the beginning w Emma Hearst!

written and photographed by Jeff Scott

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