The Innovative Heart and Deep Southern Soul of Chef Sean Brock!

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Hanging out in South Carolina with Chef Sean Brock is to be immediately living within the deepest roots of American history …

We have so much beautiful, wonderful, incredible traditions that aren’t being properly respected and recognized and that’s my goal … to preach the gospel of bourbon, cornbread and grits. – Sean Brock

When taking a drive with Sean out to beautiful Thornhill Farm, watching him planting perfect seeds into the soil there, you instantly gain a greater understanding and respect of the land and the emotional meaning of this special place …

Sean opens up a seed pod he’s been carefully nurturing and shows off one of his prized heirloom seeds … his culinary passion, the essence of his evangelical culinary mission is to help us better understand what food used to taste like, and can still taste like if we will just respect our past. Sean passionately wants us to appreciate this valuable land, recall our love of Southern history and honor the people who nurture these seeds and products everyday … keeping history alive.

We want to create a restaurant where the food is so pure and so clean that you can’t believe the ingredients that you’re eating! – Sean Brock

Sean’s kitchen is set up like an artist’s studio, with earthy and beautifully hued sauces replacing tubes of paint, spoons and knives replacing brushes, with depth of flavor and vibrancy of color from the earth used as pallets to build his delicious plates …

… to be with Sean as he’s plating up is to become emotionally immersed inside a vibrant abstract Miro painting … it’s an experience being prepared for us so that we too will be standing out at the farm with him …

Charleston Stone Crab with Mango, Coriander, Avocado and Lime …. a modern art painting you can eat … each note of flavor goes in at just precisely the right moment, all of your senses being emotionally played from the soil to your soul like a perfect miles davis riff …

written and photographed by Jeff Scott

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2 Responses to The Innovative Heart and Deep Southern Soul of Chef Sean Brock!

  1. Kristin says:

    Amazing coverage Jeff!! Love it!!

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