We are so product driven here that it’s almost borderline mental case. – Sean Brock

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Today’s culinary provocateurs are arousing and engaging our senses in ways beyond easy or taut description.  Our finest chefs are surprising, inspiring and educating us … reaching into our past and re-interpreting our cultural landscape. This transformational Tatroux Cookbook project and cinematic journey takes us on an emotional culinary adventure into the hearts and creative minds of today’s most innovative chefs.

Exploring chef Sean Brock’s plates reveals emotional and savory modern art paintings at the highest levels of the form, implanting visual and deep rooted culinary memories that will stay inside you forever.

Sean’s plates will emotionally change and excite you, every bite has been thoroughly thought out to it’s most minute detail … the flavor profiles, portion size, visual impact, it’s exact timing in the meal, how many bites you will take … what flavors will hit you immediately, which ones will go into you and which ones will release slowly and linger. – Jeff Scott

Great chefs are thinking about building up flavor profiles every single day, way before you ever even think about stepping foot into their dining room they’ve been immersed creatively with their teams discovering new flavors and reaching back into the history of food, working long hours to change your life, to impact your senses in every possible way … this meal is intended to deeply nourish you, both physically and emotionally …

This food writer from Esquire ate it and cried. She came back to the kitchen in tears. It’s crazy when food affects people like that. They get so much that it’s too much for them, it’s emotional for them.

- Sean Brock

Sean’s kitchen is both a wild and very controlled place where the extreme talent in the room from all the cooks just viscerally affects you — you gain a far greater understanding of the word teamwork as the kitchen’s total passion ignites the food and the atmosphere in the kitchen.

Matt Lackey, hair spiked up with Elmer’s glue is into his thing … working this station and then others, Matt was with Sean the day before at Thornhill Farm. You come to understand that truly great cooking is seamless, from the farmers to the breeding of animals to the chef, through their kitchen, through the servers and then each dish lovingly brought to you. – Jeff Scott

This is a community of wildly skilled people who work much harder than you might ever imagine, who pour themselves out into giving you pleasure. It’s exciting to spend time around the kitchen as they discuss how to seed properly and how to produce the perfect carrot, okra or benne … this level of passion and culinary detail borders on the obsessively insane … and it’s beautiful. – Jeff Scott

We are so product driven here that it’s almost borderline mental case. We’re so driven, you know, that that’s where the process starts. Everything starts with the products. So when we get these products in our hands then they tell us what to do. When we taste them that product tells you what to do.

- Sean Brock

written and photographed by Jeff Scott

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